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Pres. Donald Trump & the U.S. Dept. of Interior
Want PUBLIC INPUT on the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument
Tell them NO MONUMENT: Between May 12th-29th, 2017

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PLEASE REVIEW & RECALL the Cascade-Siskyou Monument in Oregon & California.  It affects jobs, business, heritage, and The Citizens of Southern Oregon and Northern California were not given fair opportunity to give input until now. We work, plan and have history on the land.

Our LOCAL COUNTIES have filed suit against the Department of Interior to restore our access to logging land that supports jobs, schools and the economy in our area. NOT ONE County commissioner in the monument area was invited to the process by liberal politicians nor supports it.  It was RUSHED each time it was expanded by over-reaching politicians serving environmental special interests, rather than WE the PEOPLE. It is an ABUSE of the ANTIQUITIES ACT and in violation of the O & C COUNTIES ACT.

Again, PLEASE RECALL the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument in Oregon.

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Legally tell Pres. Trump and the Dept. of Interior to REVIEW & RECALL the Cascade-Siskyou Monument in Oregon & California at the .GOV site on record!


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***O&C Counties FILED SUIT against TRUMP to take our LAND BACK. Read here! (PDF)***

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